About us


Two decades of tradition

For two decades, we cherish the tradition of preparation and offer of authentic local dishes from our region.


The Santa Terra Inn is situated in a little hamlet of Sovinjak, placed on the top of the hill offering dramatic views of the surrounding area. This region is by many referred to as divine land, the reason being its clean and fresh air, profound silence, scattered vineyards and olive groves, hidden mushrooms, asparagus and truffles. But, above all, here live its good people. On our menu you will find homemade Istrian dishes like cured ham – prosciutto and cheese; minestrone, fusili, gnocchi and ravioli, sausages and ombolo pork slices, asparagus, mushrooms and truffles. We also recommend home reared rabbit, chicken, chevron and lamb dishes prepared in many different ways when you book in advance. Whether you decide on a holiday or just wish to stay overnight in this charming little village, take the opportunity to rest in our accommodation.


Sovinjak is situated halfway between the town of Buzet and Istarske toplice spa, 2.5 km uphill from the main road.

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